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Shiraz is one of the most beautiful places in Iran. Each year so many people visit this place just to witness some of the most well crafted and well designed masterpieces from the past. There are so many tourist attractions in this city and it is almost impossible to mention all of them in one copy. Below mentioned are some of the major and most famous tourist attractions in Shiraz city.

Vakil Bazar:

It is the main market place in Shiraz. There of hundreds of stalls and shop in this place. The bazaar is famous for its top quality spices, rugs, household goods and jewellery. A single day is not enough to explore the bazaar entirely. You need to spend some time in order to see what actually the bazaar has to offer.

Tourist Attractions In Shiraz City

Eram Garden:

Shiraz is famous for its beautiful gardens. Eram garden is undoubtedly the most beautiful garden in the city. The trimmed hedges, cypress trees and rosebushes add a lot to the beauty of this place. The Qajar era palace and a small pool at the centre of the garden are simply stunning.

Shiraz Hotels:

Shiraz hotels are famous for their quality services and finest architecture. When you are in Shiraz, you must have a look at the hotels in Shiraz. The hotels are well managed and have a good cooperative staff. You will be able to find the luxurious and classiest hotels in Shiraz with so much ease.

Shah e Cheragh Mausoleum:

Shah e Cheragh means the King of Light. Shah e Cheragh mausoleum is the resting place of Ali Reza two brothers who were martyred. Although they were martyred in 9th century, the site has developed a lot after the Qajar era. The blue tile work and amazing mirrored interior makes it one of the most beautiful mosques in the city.

Tomb of Hafez:

Hafez is one of the most respected and beloved poet this city has been. He was considered as the master of Ghazal. His tomb is located in a garden in north-east side of Shiraz. It would be wrong if it is only mentioned as a tourist attraction. The place has a lot more appeal. The place acts as a site of pilgrimage for followers of Hafez.

Tomb of Sadi:

Sadi is also one of the famous poets of this city. He is one of the most loved poets of the modern Shirazis. The simplicity of his verses make the people fall in love with him. Although the place is less busy as compared to the Hafez tomb, it is located near the Hafez tomb and is worth visiting.

Tourist Attractions In Shiraz City


Also known as Takht e Jamshid, it is one of the oldest places in Shiraz. The place describes the political as well as architectural achievements. You need some hours to explore this place in depth. Don’t forget to take some water with you as sun may not be forgiving for you.

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