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Compliance in office 365 ensures content data security and usage compliance adherence to legal and technical standards. Office 365 is designed with the best compliance and security of data in every feature of services be it exchange service or SharePoint online services or even mailbox services. More office 365 services can be browsed at O365CloudExperts. It is also required legally for auditing purposes and any legal compliance issues. The security aspect of office 365 is robust and must, for protection and fair use policy of an organization.

Compliance In Office 365

Some of the Major Compliance Features

Office 365 Business and compliance center

Office compliance center is used to manage and check compliance among Office 365 Business, SharePoint service, exchange online.  The settings can also be customized for legal and auditing purposes.

Office information rights management

  • This feature is used for protecting sensitive information from being transferred or copied to other locations by non official purpose.
  • To protect data which are within protected libraries help in security and compliance management.

Data loss prevention

Data loss prevention helps prevent sensitive data for email and other communications to be loss or shared.

This feature also protects with policies that forbids deletion of mails or data over the server. New policies can also be added to the overall Data loss prevention.


This feature helps in discovering contents and data for surveillance and litigation. If discrepancies are found in the policy of data in exchange or SharePoint services, such data are brought to the notice for policy evasion.

Record management policies

  • Manages the data to comply with company’s policies of record management.
  • While using skype you can record conversations with other.
  • In exchange you will need to use journaling to record documents.
  • In SharePoint you need to setup policies for changing appending or deleting documents and files.

Information management policies

Information management policies help in management of information and rights and policies. Some of the default policies include document usage policies, retention policies, and expiring policies.

Encryption in office 365

  • Encryption refers to services employed for encrypting emails and data over sharing among users and employees.
  • Encryption helps in greater protection in data and information over the intranet.
  • Data loss and theft can also be minimized with complete encryption of data over email and other mode of communication.

Hold in o365

Hold refers to archiving and preserving data for future use and compliance related issues. Holding email and data is useful from compliance point of view

Inactive mailboxes

  • Inactive mailbox refers to used email and data of previous employees which can be preserved and archived for later audit.
  • The archiving of service related communication is important for large organization for legal purposes.

Legacy services

Information of legacy includes information of transfer of services from legacy to current systems. This information can be archived for protection and use.

Transport rules

Transport rules refer to the policies of management to allow data to be shared and limitations on some data and its use. These policies can be maintained and upheld as a security measure for compliance security


Archiving refers to saving old and inactive data automatically. This feature ensures we don’t have to constantly check data for frequency as this service automatically archives data not in use.

Office 365 helps in many ways in upholding the legal and compliance issues of an organization. With change among people and employees in business as part of daily activity it becomes important to have a compliance tool that makes it available to all users the basic policy of an organization.  With different subscriptions you can get the best of compliance security for all of your organizational need. There are different types of plans for exchange and SharePoint online services. Look here for Exchange Online Plan 2 for a better exchange offering with other useful services collaborated on the enterprise edition of Microsoft 365 office.

There are many choices among an enterprise subscription of Microsoft 365. The best however may vary from clients need to the strength of an organization. Some of the best enterprise plans can be browsed at office 365 enterprise e1. To know more visit Microsoft center or your nearest dealer today.

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