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While it may be true, that the E-Commerce business is increasing in popularity, there’s still an abundance of people who simply cannot trust the concept of online shopping. The primary reason appears to be the fact that they cannot readily touch or look closely at the products that are being offered in an online based store, which isn’t the case with a locally based store. As such, it should come as no surprise that visually appealing product photos can help people to trust an online store and subsequently lead to increased conversion rates. One of the ways in which you can take amazing product photos is to utilize a white background for your products. In this post we’re going to take a look at how white background product photos can help to boost conversion rates.

Does A Product Photo With White Background Increase Conversion Rate?

1) Invokes feelings of Trust

Did you know that different colors evoke different kinds of emotions? In fact, blue invokes feelings of peace and trust, while yellow resonates with impulsive buyers. Black, is viewed as being devious and it invokes feelings of distrust. White on the other hand, invokes feelings of trust and goes hand-in-hand with clarity. Therefore, the act of using a white background product photos will subconsciously invoke feelings of trust within your visitors’ mind.

2) Eliminate Distractions

When it comes to getting ideal conversion rates, the primary thing you need to do is to direct attention and focus your site’s visitors on the main step, which is to make a purchase. However, many E-Commerce stores are filled with various distractions. One thing you can do to provide a stress free experience that does not contain an abundance of distractions is to simply use white background photos. It will give your visitors the chance to focus on the product itself and not the background.

Does A Product Photo With White Background Increase Conversion Rate?

3) Enhances True Color Of Your Products

As mentioned before, one of the primary reasons why many people are afraid of the concept of shopping online, is because they are not able to evaluate the quality of the product that they are buying. Many potential customers fear the whole concept of ordering something online, which turns out to look completely different from the image which was seen on the site they ordered from. Therefore, you need to provide high quality photos. By using a white background, it will actually enhance and show the true color of your products.

4) Increase Conversions By As Much As 300%

There’s a reason why websites such as Amazon, Ebay or emphasis the utilization of white background. This is because they have invested millions of dollars on case studies, which demonstrates that people are more likely to make a purchase when the product photos consist of a clean, white background. In fact, several prominent case studies demonstrate that the act of using white background can help to increase sales conversions by 300%.

5) Demonstrates Professionalism

Another advantage you will gain from using white background for your product photos, via the utilization of Photoshop is the fact that visitors will view your site as being professional. Many visitors will be well aware of the fact that it costs money and time to use Photoshop to create white backgrounds. They will view this added amount of effort as being professional. When it comes to making sales as an E -Commerce store owner, trust and professionalism are two of the primary factors which will influence your conversion rate.

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