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In today’s world, it is very important to check before making product live, either it is a new food product or a new fragrance in the market. You must be wondering how it is tested. There are several ways to check and see the presence of chemicals and other things present in various products. However the most common way to check the presence of chemicals and its re-activity is with the help of laboratory equipment.

There are many scientist who are well trained and learned in order to use laboratory equipment’s ,they undergo various experiments with the help of several and specific laboratory equipment’s .In order to check various aspects of certain elements there are many kind of testing equipment’s which are used from day to day. Few of the most commonly used laboratory testing equipment are as follows.

Laboratory Testing Equipment

Fume hood-Fume hood is one of the most common laboratory equipment’s which is used widely in laboratory while testing the chemical properties of several things. Its main function is the present the person from inhaling harmful gases when experiments are being conducted.

Autoclaves-many apparatus are used in a laboratory ,and they need to be completely cleaned and absolutely sterilized ,thus in order to clean the apparatus ,autoclaves are used which exposes the apparatus which are used in the laboratory to very high pressure steam which ultimately gets rid of any harmful elements such as bacteria and virus.

The centrifugal-A centrifugal is very important equipment which is widely used in laboratory which helps in separating heavy particles from the lighter particles. These are best for separating solid particles from liquids as they are spun at a very high speed and then because of difference in velocity it is able to spate the heavier ones from the lighter ones.

Laboratory Testing Instruments For Crude Oil Quality Checking

Biological oxygen demand- Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) (also called biological oxygen demand) helps in determining the amount of dissolved oxygen which is needed in conducting the experiments in the laboratory and is needed to break down the organic material present in liquids.

Incubator- Incubator is a device which is used to place something which requires a warmer temperature, so that it stays as it is needed.

A conductivity meter- An electrical conductivity meter (EC meter) measures the electrical conductivity in a solution It has varying degree of importance as it helps in measuring the impurities in liquid which conducting experiments.

A disintegration test machine- A disintegration test machine helps in testing the degree at which the chemicals will disintegrate when exposed through a test.

Leak test apparatus- Leak Test Apparatus is used to test if there are any pin holes or leaks in strips, sachets, blisters or bottles in which items needs to be packed after being produced.

Above were just a few of the Laboratory testing equipment which are widely used in a laboratory, however there are several others which have their own importance in manufacturing and production of goods and services.

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