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When taste, smell, and flavouring of the meat curry you prepare is perfect, you feel on top of the world. But as soon as you take your first bite of that yummy looking piece of meat and find it tough, all your efforts feel like going down the drain. Tough meat can really be a meat lover’s worst enemy. But with a few simple tricks all that is tough turns tender. Ordering meat online in India is a new concept that is quickly being adopted by the masses, so when you buy meat online, tenderness is guaranteed. Now to begin with ‘What does Tenderizing involve?’ Well, tenderizing is all about breaking down the muscle fibres in the meat in order to make it softer, succulent, easy to chew and yummier. So now all you have to do is order fresh meat online and follow one of these awesome tricks for tender meat to savour your palate:

Great Tricks To Tenderize Your Meat

Tenderizing with Tools

Here all you need to do is order fresh meat online, wash and place your meat on a cutting board. If you like you can also use wax paper under and over the meat to avoid excessive messiness. Next choose your tenderizing tool, i.e. either a knife or an actual meat tenderizer. Remember, tenderizing meat is like pre-chewing your meat with your tenderizing tool to make it tender and thinner. If using a knife, you need to make deep cuts or scores along the muscle fibres. On the other hand, if using a meat tenderizer you have to hold it in your hand and hammer the meat gently and evenly over the entire surface, flip over and continue the same procedure to get perfectly tender meat.

Tenderizing with Heat

Here the first thing you need to know is that muscle fibres in meat are surrounded by a connective tissue known as collagen. When you heat the meat at 160 degrees, the collagen also gets heated and becomes gelatinous, thus giving a lovely fork tender texture to the meat. This technique is best for ribs or briskets. Now you can either use wet heat which is braising, or dry which is grilling to tenderize your loved meat online in India. While grilling, you need to make sure that the meat is cooked slowly, and as for braising, all you need to do is submerge it in a flavourful liquid and cook for the required duration.

Tenderizing with Fruits and Marinade

When you order fresh meat online make sure you have a few fruits for the process of tenderizing. Fruits like pineapple, kiwi and papaya contain enzymes that help tenderize the meat. Acidic fruits and substances like lemons and buttermilk are also good for tenderizing meat. So when you purchase meat online get a fruit of your choice, puree it, and mix with the marinade. Massage the meat well with the marinade and leave aside as per the recipes instructions.

With these simple tricks, you now can enjoy a tender meal cooked from ordered meat online in India. Be the first to try these tenderizing tricks on your purchased meat online and share with your loved ones.

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