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A growing website brings joy and delight to the owners. With growth in business the requirements grow. The website will need more space, resources and a secured environment. What does a dedicated server mean? It is a big and powerful computer with an internet connection and is exclusively meant only for one customer. The server and the resources are not accessible by any other individual or organization. Dedicated server hosting gives the user more privacy and security as they alone enjoy all the resources.

When Should One Consider Dedicated Server Hosting

Signals for upgrade

Indications for a dedicated server hosting arises when the computer takes longer to upload a page or error reports come from database due to high traffic. An overloaded server can lead to crashes and it means not being available to the visitors. This again means lesser hits and fewer visitors indicating bad performance that affects productivity.

Support Options Offered:

There are different levels of support that a dedicated server hosting provider offers. The first option is the fully managed dedicated hosting where the host is responsible for updates, software upgrades, installing and running of the server, providing backups, server reboots and total technical support. The client need not have technical staff to maintain and manage the infrastructure. The server is deployed in a data center and the client operates it remotely so they need not have to have security and space for the server in their premises. Partially managed dedicated hosting will require the clients to have their own technical support team. The host provides support to the server and any pre-installed software and other mutually agreed upon services. Self managed dedicated hosting allows the customer to customize the server as they want to suit their business needs. The host only provides support to the hardware. The client will need technically qualified staff to maintain and manage the server.

Customers give preference to the dedicated server hosting option because of the high level of security it offers. The main reason for it is that the resources are all dedicated to the client and they have complete control of the server. This means no outsider can intrude. This is not possible with a shared hosting platform as there are several users operating on the server at one time. Prompt updates and security patches will ensure stronger protection to the data of the dedicated server customers. Since the client enjoys the bandwidth alone without sharing it their website gets all the resources as and when required offering greater reliability. A growing business will need more space which a dedicated server can assure of.

Dedicated server hosting plans are available in the two operating system options of Windows and Linux. The Linux users get complete root access to the server and they have the liberty to install any software or applications on the server as needed by the business. Windows technology users get full administrative access to the server. Though cost wise it is higher than the VPS and shared hosting the freedom that it dictates makes dedicated server quite cost-effective.

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