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2016 has arrived and the ‘go green’ initiative seems to be gathering momentum in every single aspect of our lives. Commercial and residential construction has not been left behind either. Eco-friendly outlooks are trending here too and the emphasis is on adopting sustainable ways to go about things.

Green Building Approaches That Are Trending In 2016

If you are looking to go with the flow and showcase your environment-friendly side like just about everyone else in the construction industry, here are a few approaches worth trying out:

Steel Makes a Comeback

For a long time, steel held the honour of being the primary building material, only to be overtaken by wood. Having said that, things are starting to change and the amount of wood needed to account for modern construction procedure is simply proving to be a little too much. Experts are now inclined to believe that steel is probably the ideal choice especially because of the fact that it can be recycled time and time again. Steel is also being utilised for some other purposes around the home like for making kitchen items and various furniture.

Smaller, Kit and Modular Homes

Larger homes have been trending for a long while, but recently there have been indications which suggest that people are now starting to understand that downsizing can save a lot of resources. It allows them to maintain the home with ease and also to manage a feasible existence. From decreasing the expenses to increasing the levels of mental freedom, there are benefits of plenty as long as you decide to go for a smaller, kit or modular home.

Net Positive Energy Homes

The thing about zero energy residences is that they strike a perfect balance between the production and consumption of energy. However, things can get even better with positive energy resources. Use of positive energy alternatives not only allows you to make up the energy that is used up, in fact you will find that there is more energy production compared to consumption. As a result, there will be some excess power that can either be used to run a range of appliances or sent back to the grids as per your convenience.

Recycling of Countertops

In case you are searching for some classic countertop designs, recycled materials can turn out to be very useful for you. You can make use of glass, aluminium or some paper parts. The fascinating thing about them is that they usually tend to fit in perfectly with every theme. Bamboo can also be a great option for rustic homes given its capability to withstand pressure for lengthy periods of time.

Sustainable Flooring

Floors which are made from recycled materials such as water bottles and carpet fibres have the potential to be long-lasting as long as proper measures are taken. Items like glasses, salvaged wood, stones or even bamboos can add the much-needed flavour to an otherwise ordinary-looking setting. These materials are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and for all other areas that are conventionally expected to exhibit compelling designs.


The nano-insulation process has been proven to be non-toxic and the coatings used have been compressed to such an extent that they are hardly visible! This particular form of insulation is also considered to be at least 20% more efficient when compared to the other traditional approaches.

Cool Roofs & Green Roofs

Cool roofs are known for their uncanny ability to absorb minimal heat while reflecting plenty of sunlight by making use of the reflective paints and the specialised tiles. Green roofs have a layer of vegetation above them which regulates the use of energy and reduces the levels of gas emission.

It is clear that the construction patterns of homes and business premises are on the verge of some major changes this year. Going green right from the foundations to the rooftops seems to be the primary focus area and the above-mentioned points would certainly aid you in the process of keeping pace with this all new trend.

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