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The construction business has been struggling since the financial crisis and their problems over the last five years have been particularly difficult. Fortunately, the economy has improved considerably since those dark days and today the demand for residential construction has

Every middle class man has a dream — a loving and caring wife, a car and a home to call his own. The dream house invariably takes the longest time to come true. Often, the ideal one is out of

Whether an expat or not, one needs to be prepared to face a number of hassles when planning on property purchases, especially homes. All the paperwork related to the purchase, dropping of financing proposals to financial institutions and private investors,

The gateway to luxury and eternity is Raheja Oma. Set on the foothills of Aravali, it is the home to High Mountains, splendid beautiful green gardens, chirping birds and eco friendly environment. An exquisitely crafted landscape waiting for hassle free

Since the establishment of a manufacturing unit of Maruti Suzuki India limited in Gurgaon, it has seen a rapid urbanization. It has become the abode of leading financial and industrial hub and after Mumbai and Chandigarh it has the third

2016 has arrived and the ‘go green’ initiative seems to be gathering momentum in every single aspect of our lives. Commercial and residential construction has not been left behind either. Eco-friendly outlooks are trending here too and the emphasis is

Applying for a mortgage does not mean tying up long-term debt that limits your lifestyle, study, travel, buy a car or other plans. If you choose the right credit, you can still meet your projects. Follow these 10 basic rules

Whether you are selling or buying a house, there are many myths circulating, which might seem to provide significant information on what you should stay away from, but are in reality a bunch of hoo-hah. Not only will they discourage