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There are different reasons why we should travel to a different country. Some people do this for business, while many others for leisure purposes. There are also people who purely for the food and instead of visiting typical tourist attractions, they go from town to town in a distant country to sample the local foods. In any case, travellers should open their mind to escape the monotony of daily life. They need to meet new people and take every opportunity. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford staying in hotel, while visiting tourist attractions and trying local cuisine.

In fact, if we pay close attention, it is possible for us to travel to different parts of the world with very little money. One of the basic requirements during a trip is accommodation. Saving money on accommodation isn’t the same with staying in dirty and disgusting places. In reality, it is possible for us to sleep for free in different places. We should open the Couchsurfing website and we can find a list of houses in our destination country that allow us to stay for free. In this case, people who allow others to sleep in the houses, can also ask the same favour when they visit another country.

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The website provides reviews, so we can be sure about the safety concerns. If we want to couchsurf in different countries, it is important to bring at least one more person with us. Women shouldn’t couchsurf alone, unless they are visiting the house of another single woman, who has been trusted by the couchsurfing community.

Many travellers have couchsurfed in many countries and they are able to make great friends. There are other websites that provide free accommodations, such as HospitalityClub, HomeExchange and Stay4Free. Hostelword also provides low-cost alternatives, as low as $3 a night.

Another big concern during a trip is food and many low-budget travellers are wondering how they can pay for food. In general, eating out should be a significant part of the trip and we need to be able to try local cuisine. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy local foods without breaking our budget. If our budget is limited, it is probably a good idea to eat out only once a day.

To save money, we could go to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread, jelly, peanut butter and other pre-packaged foods. We may also go to markets to find cheap local fruits. By eating peanut butter, bread and fruits for breakfast and lunch, we may actually have a healthier diet.

In the evening, it could be our opportunity to eat out and try local foods. We could ask locals about any specialty of the area. Some restaurants could sell food at a very good price. With this strategy, we could save more than $300 during a one-week trip. Many locals will know where these local restaurants are, so we shouldn’t be afraid to ask. We may also go to local dollar store to purchase low-cost food products.

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