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Only rich quality rotary air locks that are reliable and high performing will be more efficient and possess a long service life. The significant key to rotary valve performance and durability is apt selection of air lock that relies on the process requirements and experience in selection, designing, and manufacturing of rotary valves that allow manufacturers to bring unique designs in the industry.

Source Rotary Airlock Valves Range Having Longer Service Life From Leading Suppliers Only

Designs Available in the Market

  1. Heavy duty drop design
  2. Blow through design
  3. Standard duty design

The drop through rotary airlock valve is the standard equipment and widely accepted by industries which make use of them in most applications. You can avail these units in round or square shape.

The blow through design is meant for pneumatic conveying applications only that include both pressure and vacuum systems. The design includes the two ports on the sides in the valve near the bottom.

Standard duty rotary airlock valve is less expensive alternatives to heavy weight airlocks. These are best suited valves for applications that do not require robust valves.

Rotary air lock valves are easy to clean and are used to feed product from or into a vacuum or pressure system and these valves maintain airlock by machined and closely intolerance between the internal rotor and rotary airlock body.

Distinct Models Designed by Engineers-

  • FT series Airlock
  • BT series Airlock
  • OS series Airlock

FT series airlocks are used in a variety of applications and the entrance to feed material is at the top and exit is at the bottom flange of the valve.

BT series is used in pneumatic transport systems and they are suitable for transferring adhesive powdered materials.

OS series is used to prevent cracks in delicate materials, such as sunflower seed and peanut. Such range of valves is used in hard to shear pallets like plastic or nylon granules.

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