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Although at present we are increasingly deciding to live independently, for safety and economy is often best done on a shared basis. If you have decided and are looking to live with roomies, but do not know where to start, here are a quick and basic guide that will facilitate the task.

Practical Tips When Looking For A Roommate


What kind of life you expect in this new stage? Whether the first time you leave home or have already tasted the honey of independence, but are looking now accompany you on the way. Share your home will always have advantages and disadvantages, so the first step would sit and reflect and evaluate all possible scenarios to make a better decision.

Search among your Acquaintances

By sharing our space, we are opening doors to socialize, but also better be elitists, in the end you have to feel comfortable and this process should be something positive that you feel comfortable returning every day to your house and does not mean stress and worry.

Begin looking in your inner circle, so maybe it’s easier to find like-minded people; schoolmates, work, use the context to know someone who is looking well and so you can look closely at whether it would be the kind of partner you want.

Make a Casting

Try to always be accompanied at the time to know whether your prospective tenant or the place where you go to rent, do not hesitate to ask all sorts of questions, especially those that get embarrassed, remember that you’re going to live with that person. Be guided by your instinct and before makes a list of features that you can tolerate that displease you and that they are impossible for you. Likewise asks a previous encounter when you who wish to rent and do not hesitate to introduce completely, it is important to be honest with what you want and expect.

Terms and Conditions

If it is you who will back you can rent a contract which specify clauses, restrictions, payment dates and period of rental. Besides this pose and do not forget to ask about the habits of the other person, since if you smoke, take out on weekends or stay at home, you have pets, share food?, etc.

While it is not impossible to live with people of the opposite sex or different habits and tastes, make sure you feel comfortable with this and try to draw as much as lifestyles possible. Now, if it is you who will be entering a place sure to investigate how many more people are going to share equally the dates and terms of payment, which includes rent, if you can receive visitors, what would be your space, etc.

At the beginning sharing can be somewhat tedious, and anything that involves interpersonal relationships, but speaking clearly and with an open mind this stage can bring many great lessons and benefits.

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