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Chopta is a hamlet located at an altitude of approximately 2900 meters and around 210 km from Rishikesh. Chopta is most well-known for being the starting point of many adventurous treks to Tungnath, Chandrashila, Deoriyatal etc. These treks take the participants through unspoiled forests and hilly trails which have all the non-commercialized and natural beauty of mountainous regions. The best part is that there are trekking programs available for both the amateur trekkers and the seasoned ones. Needless to say the treks meant for the seasoned trekkers provide more adventure and thrill.

Taste The Rreal Thrill and Adventure While Trekking In Chopta

1. What Does Trekking Require?

Anyone who has taken part in a trek in any part of the Himalayas will know that it can be quite taxing and grueling physically and mentally. The trekkers need to show physical and mental toughness in order to survive in the harsh conditions and still make headway. As mentioned above, Chopta itself is at an altitude of 2900 meters or roundabouts and most of the treks go upwards from there. Such high altitudes in the mountains present their own challenges which are tough to overcome. Then again there is the consistent pace that you need to maintain in order to be with the trekking party. You need to bear in mind that the trekking guide’s instructions have to be adhered to strictly for your own safety and well-being.

2. Forming New Friendships

Trekking needs a lot of discipline and the days start early while you will be walking into the late evenings. Of course there is the fun around campfires at night when the people in the groups can form friendships which can last a long time to come. These friendships are formed on the basis of quality time spent together while trying to motivate and help each other during the tough phase of trekking in Chopta. Many groups come together from time to time and take part in trekking trips almost every year. Such are the friendships that are formed during these trips.

Taste The Rreal Thrill and Adventure While Trekking In Chopta

3. Discovering Yourself

What’s more it is quite likely that you will discover things about yourself that you never knew earlier. City life does not provide the fertile soil needed to learn about your best qualities and strengths. These qualities and strengths become more evident during the few days that you spend in the lap of nature during a trekking trip in an area as beautiful and tough as Chopta. The rugged mountains and the rough terrain brings out the best qualities in your personality. Here you will discover qualities like leadership, team work, survival of the fittest etc. and revel in the qualities that you never knew you possessed.

4. The Thrill and Adventure is Many Faceted

Taste The Rreal Thrill and Adventure While Trekking In Chopta

Hence you can say that trekking is not just about physical fitness and ability. Instead it is also a journey in the mental realm which takes you to all new places. This is the reason that trekking in areas like Chopta can be extremely thrilling and adventurous. Here you discover new areas not just geographically but also within your own personality which can be as thrilling as reaching the summit of the destination that you had set out for.

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