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Are you planning to move to the Big Apple? If so, you won’t be disappointed. There is so much to do and see, not to mention it is a great place to work or study. In fact, some of the best colleges around such as NYU and the Ivy-League school, Columbia University are both here. Whether you are moving New York for work or play, you will never get bored, once you get settled. While settling into a big city such as New York can seem overwhelming, with a little organization and planning, the task is not as daunting as it seems. Use these tips for a smooth transition into your moving New York home.

Tip #1: Purchase Packing Supplies

Before you begin packing, make a list of all the supplies you will need such as boxes, box cutters, and packing tape. If you do not want to buy boxes, ask your local merchants for some free ones. For breakables, you will need packing paper or bubble wrap. And make sure to have a few sharpies on hand to label your boxes. It is a good idea to cover your mattresses with mattress bags. Also, buy a box of large black trash bags. Depending on how long you have been at your current location, you may have lots of items to discard or donate.

Tips For Moving To New York City

Tip #2: Create a Packing Plan

Clearly mark anything that you will need immediate access to once you’ve moved. This can include items such as dishes, towels, bedding, and clothing. Pack as much of your clothing as you can into your suitcases instead of boxes. Start with off-season clothing that you are currently not using. Keep your valuables such as jewelry, social security cards, and personal information with you in a bag or briefcase during the move. Make an inventory of the items that you need to move and be ready to provide details of the move to your movers.

Tip #3: Hire a Moving Company

Moving to New York City can be overwhelming. The best way to alleviate some of the stress is to hire experienced movers. A moving company that has been moving New York residents and those new to the city for many years is the best way to go. They know the streets, where to park the moving van, and how to fit all of your boxes and furnishings into your new place. If you are moving to a place with many stairs or narrow hallways, experienced movers will know all the tricks for safely getting your stuff moved in.

With some advanced planning and preparation, moving New York can be done without too much stress.

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