If you enjoy playing tennis, you will want to consider putting a court in your backward. This will allow you to have endless hours of fun and all you’ll need to do is to step outside and start playing a

There are many different factors that impact on a business and its relationship with its audience, but branding is certainly a major aspect. A company’s brand is more than just its logo, the colors it uses or its language; a

With the evolution of technology that aid dissemination of educational information and interactive communication, online academics has moved into a new era. Online study now is all about recreating classroom environments and enabling quick feedback. The feedback mechanisms of the

Since the advent of social media, and the Internet in general, the way business is conducted has completely changed. In 2016 alone, marketers have spent nearly $31 billion on social media advertising worldwide, and this figure is expected to rise

Are you planning to move to the Big Apple? If so, you won’t be disappointed. There is so much to do and see, not to mention it is a great place to work or study. In fact, some of the

If you’re tired of trying fad diets and diet supplements, you should start dieting the natural way. Dieting the natural way won’t only help rule out the dreaded side effects of artificial dieting, but this will also help you lose

There are a lot of things to work out when you are starting a business: titles search for an ideal place for a physical store, contracts, licenses, merchandise production, hiring employees, and so on. Not to mention saving up or

Since the days of the sundial and probably before, men and the art of timekeeping have had something going. That bond has only gone stronger, so much so that most men would happily walk the extra mile just to own

Redecorating your home (or even just one room in your home) can be an overwhelming endeavor – that is, if you aren’t familiar with the elements of your chosen style. Though most home decor can be modified and repurposed to

Salzburg is a rustic town situated in Eastern Austria. It is internationally known for its very well preserved Old Town area, baroque inspired architecture and as the official residence of many members of the European nobility. More recently, this medium

Fixed Deposits schemes are one of the most common and trusted investments most people in India opt for. These financial instruments have a higher rate of interest than your regular savings account, until the predetermined date of maturity. These high

Ah, New York City. The concrete jungle, center of the universe, Big Apple filled with movers, shakers, and dreamers of every stripe. If you’re headed to NYC to study the performing arts, you’ve no doubt done your share of college