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Redecorating your home (or even just one room in your home) can be an overwhelming endeavor – that is, if you aren’t familiar with the elements of your chosen style. Though most home decor can be modified and repurposed to reflect your own personal flair, common themes run through most styles to give decorators a guiding hand as they tackle each room.

Elements Of French Country Home Decor

Take French Country, for example: this style draws from the common motifs you’d find on farmhouses in the French countryside. And while there are plenty of ways you can make this style your own, a few key elements will make any room quaint, quirky, and cozy – in other words, quintessential French Country. If you’re looking to style your home with French Country decor, don’t forget these guidelines:

A Rustic Look From Floor To Ceiling

Traditional French Country homes are a simple as they are elegant. The simple, rustic style extends from the furniture to the very floor, as most French Country homes have stone or wooden floors and ceilings. Don’t worry about staining either; the rugged look of raw wood or stone is ideal. With this rustic style, your home will instantly feel “lived in” and cozy!

Plenty of Printed Fabrics

Toile de jouy is one of the most popular fabrics in 18th century France, this patterned fabric has become a staple in most French Country designs. Decorators can use toile for everything – curtains, upholstery, even wallpaper – and the pop of color can be great inspiration for your color scheme. However, if toile just isn’t your style, other patterns like gingham, stripes or florals can still add some much-needed vivid color into your home.   

Distressed, Mismatched Furniture

French country home furniture is usually meant to look older and well-used. Distressed wooden armoires, rusted wrought iron benches, and mismatched dining chairs add to the quaint, cute look of the French Country home. To create the perfect look, seek out antique furniture or new pieces that have been weathered for you. You can even grab some sandpaper and transform your existing furniture into perfect French Country fixtures.  

Wonderful Window Treatments

Elements Of French Country Home Decor

While most of the French Country look is simple, reflecting the farmhouses of yesteryear, there’s one element that always gets extra dressing: the windows. Elegance is key with your window dressing. Hang some long drapes that reach the floor in a solid color or patterned style (yet another use for toile) or fit your windows with roman shades. These gorgeous styles will add that je ne sais quois to your living room, and the long drapes can help make a small room look even bigger!

Floral Accents or Rooster Figurines

Though it seems like a small detail, many decorators can master the French Country look with the right knick knacks. Flowers, for example, are a big part of the French Country look. Place a few bouquets in some rustic vases (one ceramic, one wicker – remember to mismatch) and set them on display throughout the house for a charming look that warms up the whole place. Roosters are also a decorative staple in French Country. You’ll often find the bird decorating the kitchen as a figurine or wall hang.

With these elements in mind, you can feel free to let your creativity loose and create a French Country home that reflects the quaint charm of rural France and your own personal taste. Get out there and decorate!

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