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Salzburg is a rustic town situated in Eastern Austria. It is internationally known for its very well preserved Old Town area, baroque inspired architecture and as the official residence of many members of the European nobility.

Salzburg Christmas Market Guide

More recently, this medium sized Austrian town has become one of the most popular destinations for Christmas enthusiasts. While the architecture and the town itself already make it a good place to spend Christmas, there are many thematic events and activities that will make you feel like a child again. One of the events organized in Salzburg for this special occasion is the Christmas Market.

Spreading all throughout the Old Town center, the Christmas Market can feel a bit overwhelming for a newcomer. This guide will highlight the best the Christmas Market has to offer, and will help tourists decide between them.

  1. Spend the Christmas Advent in Hellbrunn

The first place you should visit is the area surrounding the Hellbrunn, an early Baroque villa that might as well be called a palace due to its massive size. There, you will see a huge Advent calendar that counts down the days remaining till Christmas. Other than that, here are tons of romantic booths for couples, and children have the opportunity to go on a sledge ride carried by actual, real reindeers.

Location: In Hellbrunn Courtyard
Duration: November 17th – December 24th
Schedule: November: Wednesdays-Fridays 1-8pm; Saturdays, Sundays, holidays – 10am-8pm; December: Mondays-Fridays 1-8pm; Saturday, Sunday, holidays 10am-8pm; Christmas Eve 10am-2pm

  1. St Leonhard church Christmas Market

The St Leonhard market is situated near the church that bears its name. If you are into punch, bakery products for all ages and ginger bread, you will surely be delighted by this place. You can also find many booths where you can buy fancy Christmas gifts for your friends and family. While doing all these things, brass music played by professional bands will run on the background, so except an authentic Christmas atmosphere.

Location: Near St. Leonhard Church
Duration: Every weekend up to the 20th of December
Schedule: Saturdays 2pm-7pm; Sundays and Thursday 8th December; 11am-7pm

St. Leonhard is located in southern Salzburg, near the church with the same name. If you are traveling to Salzburg via plane and do not know how to reach it, make sure to contact a professional Salzburg airport taxi service. Salzburg is very crowded in this time of year, so it is best you make the necessary arrangements.

  1. Lake Wolfgangsee Christmas Market

Right outside Salzburg, in the commune of St.Gilgen, sits the beautiful Wolfgang Lake. A peaceful place boasting of Christmas spirit and joy, it is decorated with many elaborate Christmas ornaments and lanterns. If you want to see how people celebrated Christmas in the past, this is the perfect place to visit. The people maintaining this market took great care in preserving and practicing the hundreds-years old customs. After enjoying the sights, you can go on a boat trip on the Lake.

Location: St. Gilgen commune

Duration: Every day

As you can see, there are loads of things to do in Salzburg during Christmas. Visit its many markets and you will enjoy the Christmas of your dreams!

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