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Every startup is on a constant lookout for possibilities to kickstart its way to success. Some choose to make an app, sell e-books or open an online store, but those who follow the latest trends know that marketplaces are a way to go. But why should you choose to create a marketplace on Take a look at these three questions that will help you make a deliberate choice.

Create A Marketplace Website Online To Jump Start Your Business With

Why Are Marketplaces Better Than Ecommerce Websites?

When you think of starting your own online project, the easiest way to begin would be to choose one of the standard CMS like Opencart or WordPress. All you have to do is choose the right template or theme, fill it with content and products and start selling. At the same time, you have to take care of the inventory, suppliers, deliveries, and dozens of other facets of running an online store.

Unlike any e-commerce website, multi-vendor serves as a middleman helping two sides of the market (the buyer and the seller) locate each other and make the best deals for both. It’s no wonder that marketplaces are gaining popularity since they provide endless business opportunities for startups and experienced businessmen alike.

What Type of a Marketplace Is Right for You?

When building a marketplace web page for your start-up, you need to consider potential clients and suppliers. If you want to connect individuals, choose the C2C platform, otherwise known as peer to peer or P2P. If you plan on connecting companies with their buyers, the right model for you is B2C. And if your ambitions run high and you are ready to take on corporate clients, B2B is the right choice for you.

It might seem that marketplaces are right for a limited number of industries, like transportation, travel or consumer goods. In reality, many conventional industries (finance, education or healthcare) can greatly benefit from new marketplace sites.

How to Create an Online Marketplace From Scratch?

You can build your marketplace for free if you choose to develop the software on your own. In this case, development will cost you nothing but you will waste a lot of time if you are not a professional software builder. You can choose to create the marketplace using ready-made open source solutions. They usually clone each other and a look alike, therefore your site will be similar to dozens of others in every aspect, besides the design or any extra script you implement.

But if you want to open a truly groundbreaking marketplace you should consider hiring an experienced development team with a great portfolio of multi vendor platforms. The development costs might seem a little steep but it will turn out to be a good investment after you start gaining revenue. Developing the custom-made platform will allow you to provide better tools for settlers, and they will gladly share their experience, attracting new suppliers to your marketplace along with their loyal tribe of customers.

If you are still wondering how to jump start your online business, look no further. Contact our team, and we will gladly fulfill any and all of your marketplace needs.

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