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A magnet for photo taking is traveling. We cannot just go to one place without capturing a few choice scenes like the towering skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur or the beaches at Langkawi. It is more than just being able to wander to new places, it is about minting memories to last a long time; and we do these by snapping photos.

Out of all the kinds of traveling we do, road trips are far more exciting. It would not matter if you were driving a 4×4 off road or hybrid cars, because what makes road trips so much more fun is the bonding that happens while you are driving to your destination.

Things To Remember When Taking Photos On Road Trips

What better way to preserve those bonding moments than by capturing it through photo taking? Here we will talk about the basic things to know when you are snapping photos during your trip.

Take all the car photos you want

You will be spending most of your time in a car during your road trip, and there will be down times when most people are tired and silent. You do not need to wait for the car to stop somewhere to start working on your camera, go on and take photos! Take this chance to snap countless selfies of yourself on every thinkable angle inside the car.

You can play with the lighting by angling the camera towards the window to get in as much of the light on your photo. Maybe you want to use that fish eye lens on your phone and snap a top view photo of everyone in the car. You can also take photos of everyone belting out to their favourite song that just played on the radio or those who were munching on food.

The best thing about taking photos in the car is its focus on the people and not on the places outside. If you are going to preserve traveling moments, capturing people having fun is a good place to start.

Make full use of gadgets and accessories

When it comes to group traveling, the selfie stick is friend. Much has been said about the selfie stick, but it is very useful so you and your friends can get the perfect angle on group pictures. At the same time, you do not need to ask a stranger to take your photo so that everyone can be in it, you can just do it yourselves.

Additionally, if you have a GoPro, you can use this to record some of your travels. Do not worry if those moments are just all of you hiking or walking; while the GoPro had the extreme sports athlete in mind, if some of the viral videos on Instagram is any proof, you can definitely do it for something tame like recording the drive itself.

Use cloud backing and other photo taking apps

Do not mind the people saying you have been using too many filters. If you want to use filters, then ignore them. The most popular filter app is VSCO, but you can always just use Instagram’s filter offerings.

To help you keep all of those photos without losing important disk space on your phone, you can save your photos on a cloud every now and then so that it frees space.

Lastly, you do not need to wait to take photos. You can start snapping away as soon as each friend approaches the car. Go and document every minute of every day and every moment. Happy road trip!

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