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This beautiful beach town in the state of West Bengal is a must visit for anyone who wants a time-out from the woes of city life. Situated about 187 kilometer away from the capital city of Kolkata, it is a perfect getaway spot. With the Bay of Bengal keeping you company, the place is at its picturesque best when the sun’s rays is reflected of the water’s surface during sunrise and sunset. It has a host of hotels and lodges for the high number of tourists that visit this place every year. If you are planning to visit this beautiful place, visit digha hotels booking online to get the best deals for your visit. There are a high number of resorts in this town and hence is also known as a resort town. Here is a list of places that will keep you occupied.

1)       New Digha Beach

The New Digha Beach developed as an extension to the old town and has quickly become a favourite among the tourists. The man made beach is about 2 kilometre away from the old town of Digha and has a number of attractions. The Amravati Lake nearby offers boat riding while the Science Centre will make sure you also get nuggets of information. There is also a snake farm nearby that has many people both intrigued and scared. Make sure you do not miss the sunset or the sunrise as it is the very definition of beauty.

2)      Shankarpur

Here's What Makes Digha The Perfect Weekend Destination

One of the lesser explored beaches in the region, it is situated about 15 kilometre away from Digha. The beach is also known as the virgin beach for its vast expanse of untouched beauty. The casuarina groves add to the charm of the place making it one of the most serene places to spend time away from the crowds. A recent attraction here is the Shankarpur Fishing Harbour Project.

3)      Marine Aquarium and Research Centre

The Marine Aquarium and Research Centre or MARC was established in 1989 to educate people about the marine biodiversity of the region. It is well equipped with the largest inbuilt marine aquarium in the country and offers the visitors a sneak peek into marine life. Equipped with all the latest technologies, the centre aims to educate and sensitise people towards the preservation of natural marine life.

4)     Talsari Beach

Seafood lovers, this is the perfect place for you. Famous for its delicacies, it is not as crowded as the other beaches and is a great place if you are seeking solitude. With the  alluring combination of water, greenery and the mountains, the beach has a breathtaking view. It is situated about 7 kilometres away from Digha and is actually in the state of Orissa.

5)      Chandaneshwar

The place is majorly known for its revered Shiva temple and is situated about 6 kilometres away from Digha. It is also famous for its annual event on the first day of the Oriya calendar that has a large number of devotees thronging to this place. The ambience of the place is calming and you will definitely want to spend time there just soaking up the good vibes.

You can also shop in Digha and buy cashew nuts, mats made from hemp and sea shell ornaments. Whether you want to indulge in sunbathing or ride a horse or just take a dip in the water, Digha will not disappoint. Make sure you visit  digha hotels booking online as the town sees a huge number of tourists on a regular basis. Conveniently located, beautiful, relaxing and with so much to do and learn, Digha has become a hot favourite for most beach lovers.

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