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Energy efficiency is pretty trendy these days. Generally speaking, that’s a good thing! We all need to pull together to protect our environment, and this is why you’re hearing more about electric cars, smart homes, and larger green initiatives. But more practically speaking, the trend toward energy efficiency presents some unique challenges to homeowners. It can be difficult to know what works and what doesn’t, and to find creative ways to upgrade an existing home to make it more efficient and eco-friendly.

Tips For An Energy Efficient Home

Fortunately, we have a few suggestions!

Switch Out Your Light Bulbs

This is probably the quickest and simplest change you can make, and one of the most effective! Finding efficient LED bulbs is easier than ever, because there are a lot of brands out there now. And you won’t just enjoy it because you’ll feel good about your environmental footprint. You’ll find that the bulbs last longer (and you can calculate how much money you’re saving as they do). You’ll also be able in some cases to control bulbs with apps on your phone or tablet, or even a device like Google Home. It’s probably one of the most enjoyable ways to make an eco-positive change.

Look Into New Roofing

This is a more dramatic step, and one that’s only just becoming available to homeowners. But if you look into broader construction practices, you’ll find that sustainability is now a concern where commercial roofing is concerned. In five years we’ll probably be saying the same about residential properties, so why not get out ahead of the curve? As you may have heard, Tesla’s Elon Musk is already manufacturing solar panels for homes, and the hope is that they’ll catch on in a big way with the public. In some cases they’re not even much more expensive than ordinary roofing, and they can help to power your home with clean, sustainable energy.

Switch Out Your Thermostat

This is probably just behind lighting as the most popular appliance for energy efficient innovation in homes. Nest has led the way in popularizing smart thermostats, which are able to learn and act upon homeowner preferences. This is awesome in part because it means your home will (theoretically anyway) always be your own preferred temperature. However, it’s also great in that the thermostats are able to minimize AC and heating usage when you’re not home. That can mean significant energy savings, as well as some nice financial relief as a result.

Start Over

Yes, the main focus here has been on how to upgrade an existing home with energy efficient appliances. But you might also consider the fact that home builders today are focusing on going green from the beginning. If you’re up for a move and you’d really like to make an effort to be environmentally responsible, consider looking through new homes or building practices and finding a property that is made with these and other eco-friendly appliances built in already!

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