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Startup businesses might be tricky to handle but they mean the world to you, as a business owner. You want to beat your competition, to draw and take the solution to customers as fast as you can. It’s good to be aggressive, and you would also need solutions that can help you achieve the same. At the same time, as a founder, you look for those solutions that give more bang for the bucks. So, we have picked 20 tools for different purposes, keeping in mind startup.

Marketing Automation

Startup businesses need a quick fix to streamline their marketing, sales and customer support activities. Let’s’ look at below tools which solve the purpose.

  1. AgileCRM

Top 20 Tools For Startups

Launched in 2014, it’s a great CRM tool for startup businesses which can’t invest more in a software solution. With this all-in-one solution, you can kick-start marketing, sales, and customer support activities – first ever of its kind – for an affordable price. It comes as a cloud solution, SaaS CRM, which is easy to setup and learn. You can put all of your customers’ information at a single location while giving each one a score for easy follow up, send customized emails, track their actions, schedule appointments, build campaign reports, and a lot more. The good deal about it is their customer support – an excellent customer support round the clock.

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  1. Clientsuccess

You very well know the importance of every customer and how powerful their feedback is to the growth of your startup. With the growing client base, you may not be able to provide the same one-on-one service to every customer if you do not take the help of a software solution. Clientsuccess is a customer service software platform that helps startup businesses to retain as well as grow their customer base. You can track key contacts, touches, tickets, along with their email communications, and subscription.

  1. Sproutsocial

As a startup, you would want to maintain a positive social impression and that’s where you need Sproutsocial. It’s the most widely used social media management platform, where you can manage all of your social media pages from one dashboard. It’s an essential tool to keep a pulse of social interactions and engage better with customers or prospects. It allows to easily monitor brand performance with social media analytics tool where you get quick reports for engagement habits, activity overview, page impressions, fan growth and also on how your content is performing.

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  1. is Google’s URL shortener that shortens the longer URLs and creates a miniature URL for easy link and share. Startups find it hard to rank their pages on Google, with, you don’t have to face SEO issues with your weblinks. Its dashboard creates the list of URLs where you see the existing links and avoid duplication. It’s tracking solutions helps you with the analytics of link clicks.

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  1. MeetUp

As you are at the naive stage of building a business, you believe in meeting more people from your industry and build relations. MeetUp creates a platform for people to meet their niche. It’s a great tool to manage in-person meeting groups. It’s easy to find specific interest groups with in-person meetups restricted to the designated geographical boundary. So ‘MeetUp’ and socialize.


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