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When you’re shopping for presents, the biggest difficulty is inspiration. The present itself could be anything. What matters is the killer idea that leads you to the perfect present for the person you’re buying for. Specificity is the most important thing: picking a present that shows you really know and care about the person you’re buying for. Generic presents are the stuff of the office Secret Santa. For friends and family, you need the benefit of inspiration to find the perfect gift.

Inspiration For Perfect Presents

Today we’re looking at gift giving in detail to give you some ideas to punch up our presents for the important people in your life.

Get Luxurious

One of the best presents to give is a luxury the giftee couldn’t justify for themselves. Pick a part of their life that you know matters to them, and take the opportunity of a birthday, Christmas or other celebration to make that routine into something special. If they’re proud of their beard, buying them some fine beard oil is a great gift that they’ll get to enjoy for weeks or months to come.

Similarly, looking at luxury men’s fragrances is a good idea when you’re shopping for a man because it’s a luxury they will actually use, giving your present meaning for the whole year. The best fragrances often come in beautifully designed bottles, meaning they make an elegant, decorative addition to the recipient’s house as well as a useful gift!

Get Personal

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a gift worth giving. If you spend £500 on something your loved one already has or doesn’t event want, then all you’ve done is waste your money. In the worst case, you’ve used a lot of money to prove that you don’t know someone very well after all.

The key is to get personal. As above, dig into the recipient’s life and fixate on the details. This is what will generate that moment of inspiration that leads to a present the recipient will remember for a lifetime.

Look at how they spend their time. We’re all working longer and longer hours so the time outside work is ever more precious, and how people use it is a good indicator of what’s important to them. For your friend who likes to cook, a recipe book or some high end equipment would be a perfectly personal present. If they don’t have any, a le Creuset pot is sure to be an object of desire for them!

Opening a present you’ve really thought about will show the person you’re buying for how well you know them and care about them, and that feeling is the real gift of the day.

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