When you’re shopping for presents, the biggest difficulty is inspiration. The present itself could be anything. What matters is the killer idea that leads you to the perfect present for the person you’re buying for. Specificity is the most important

Would you think of yourself as a man or woman who loves to have fun? Even if you said yes to that question, could work or school be getting in the way of having fun? If you have a family

Running a business means being a decision maker. Whatever industry you set out to dominate, your main asset isn’t actually your expertise in this niche, it’s your ability to make the quick, effective decisions that drive success for your business.

Moving house can sneak up on you – one minute you’ve found a new house and the next second the removalist truck is pulling up outside! As prepared as you think you may be, there are a few common mistakes

If you have ever struggled to go out to the gym, or the regular exercising sessions have seemed fatal to you, the post is going to motivate you to take that required leap of faith towards technological trends in the

If you are getting ready to apply to a college prep boarding school, you can expect to have an interview with the admission team of the school you are hoping to get into. Interviews are a regular part of the

Training to become a social worker is quite a commitment, with many degree courses running to four years, and covering not just the practicalities of caring, but also the law governing the powers of social workers and where and how