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When you rent a new apartment or flat, you need to sign a rental agreement or a make security deposit to ensure that you will leave the house in the same condition. If you will be unable to maintain the house properly then you might need to pay a huge amount at the time of the departure. The landlord wants the house clean and it might be specifically mentioned in the rental agreement so that he can allow the new the tenants to move in directly.

While thinking about the end of lease cleaning, some questions come to your mind such as where to start and how to start. You might be thinking of a professional cleaning as well. Remember that a properly maintained house does not need any special cleaning at the end. Otherwise, you might need to spend more on the cleaning. In some cases, you might require professional cleaning to satisfy the landlord.

If you are at the end of the lease cleaning and looking for some help then go through the following tips to make the process easy and less time consuming.

End Of Lease Cleaning Tips

Make a Proper Planning

Without planning, you will require more effort and time. Hence, it is important to make a proper planning. You need to focus both on the exteriors and interiors. You can start with the kitchen, bathrooms, living area, and finish with the lawn and patio. Make sure that all the things are covered in your list. Prioritise the major things such as the kitchen, bathroom, and furniture.

Hire a Professional Service

After making the list, if you feel that you cannot accomplish this task without the help of the professionals then it is better to give them a call. A professional agency that specialises in end of lease cleaning is well trained and skilled and they can finish the job in less time. And professional cleaning will always be appreciated by a landlord. Before hiring a professional cleaner, do a little research about the available services. Choose the best one and discuss your requirements. You should finalise the payments and cleaning procedures before allowing them in.

How to do it on your Own

If you have maintained your house properly during the stay then you do not need to hire a professional service. You and your family members can do this job with a little effort. If you are doing it on your own then first think about the requirements. For the floor and furniture cleaning, you might need some cleaning solution to make the process easy and more effective. If you have kids then you need be careful about the solutions. You should consider using non-harmful products and chemicals. And it is always suggested to wear gloves while doing a proper cleaning.

Start with the Interior

You can start the cleaning with the kitchen and the bathroom. For the kitchen cleaning, make a solution with a combination of three tablespoons of the water with a cup of baking soda. Do not forget to clean sink drain and hoods. You should use the vinegar and baking soda to clean the bathrooms. Mix sugar soap with warm water to remove the spots on the walls. Wipe the doors, switches, and skirting boards. Clean the interior of the windows as well. You can clean the carpets and furniture with a proper cleaning solution.

Exterior Cleaning

Once you are done with the interior cleaning, you can concentrate on the exterior cleaning. For the exteriors, you should clean the patio, veranda, and the outdoor furniture. You should remove the cobwebs and dust from the windows and walls. If you have pets then you need to take more effort for the cleaning. Clean the driveway, garages, leaf debris, dirt, and oil marks. Repair the damages if there is any. Remove all the empty, broken, and washout household beans. Make sure that the outdoor lighting is working properly.

After finishing the interior and exterior cleaning, do a proper inspection to know everything is done properly or not. You can make the improvements during the inspection. While going for an end of lease cleaning, always think from a new tenant’s point of view. Imagine what should be their expectation from a new accommodation and how a landlord will fulfill them. If you consider these two points, the cleaning will be much easier.

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