Vacation time is limited for so many people that work today. Making the most of the vacation time will leave a worker or retiree with friends or family feeling refreshed, invigorated and happy. A great place to start is planning

Are you planning to move to the Big Apple? If so, you won’t be disappointed. There is so much to do and see, not to mention it is a great place to work or study. In fact, some of the

Salzburg is a rustic town situated in Eastern Austria. It is internationally known for its very well preserved Old Town area, baroque inspired architecture and as the official residence of many members of the European nobility. More recently, this medium

Palace On Wheels is a luxurious train that takes you on a trip around Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi and other important places. It is a royal styled train journey that fits kings. This trip is not available throughout the year. It

It might as well be difficult for you to contain your excitement just at the thought of hosting the birthday party of your loved one on a cruise – however, it is rather very important on your end not to

The United States is a vast, sprawling country with many different natural wonders and cities that offer countless sightseeing opportunities. With so many incredible places to see, taking a road trip across the country is a well-loved pastime that allows

From thrilling inclined loops to heart-stopping roller coasters to comforting lazy rivers, water slides never fail to deliver adrenaline-pumping fun for the younger and older kids alike as well as the young at heart. We’ve compiled the top 10 water

So you’ve decided to move to Australia? Moving Down Under is a dream for many Brits and it can bring with it many adventures, a better lifestyle, more sunshine and greater job opportunities. However, before you make the big move

Shiraz is one of the most beautiful places in Iran. Each year so many people visit this place just to witness some of the most well crafted and well designed masterpieces from the past. There are so many tourist attractions

Medical Tourism is a rapidly growing niche. As much as 439-billion US dollars are spent on this industry by the people, who are willing to cross borders to get better treatments. In such a fast growing industry, India is not

Have your leaves been granted at the last moment? Or are you too busy to plan your vacation? Whatever may be the cause, a last minute family vacation is now easy with below mentioned stunning ideas. India is incredible with

Although officially renamed as “Bengaluru,” The Garden City is still referred to as Bangalore. The capital of Karnataka is not only blooming in the gardens but alsohas become a major IT hub of India. From being known for only its